Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zeitgeist Moving Forward - my IMDb review

I just watched the premiere of Zeitgeist Moving Forward in a theater filled to the last seat.. Apart from being overwhelmed by the idea of a sustainable alternative to the existing system that is corrupt to the core, and by the growing interest it provokes, I particularly appreciated the director's effort to present it by the principles of the scientific method the Zeitgeist Movement advocates (which has not been done to that extent in the first two Zeitgeist movies).

It exposes the existing issues of our society, questions respected researchers and scientists of relevant fields, reviews the tools we have at our disposal in order to fix things, and finally succeeds in proving how a resource-based economy is our way out of this inhumane system.

Since 2 and a half hours is the given timely frame for all of that to be advocated, there are minor holes in PJ's line of argument (but those have been approached to a larger extent in the previous 2 movies), and I expect that to be one major argument for the anti-zeitgeisters. I agree this movie does not hold all of the answers, but using the scientific method of decision-making - if I had to choose between the existing troubles of today's world and the minor uncertainties of the system presented in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, I would give up on this system right away, as I am sure every rational person would.

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